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Appointments and Queue Management
QwikMedic Appointments

QwikMedic Appointments

The first step taken by patients is finding you online. We have made it very simple and easy for you.

QwikMedic has a simple and intuitive appointment scheduling solution built for speed and simplicity.

Patients can book their appointments on any computing device of their choice.

Reduce no-shows due to a super fast and easy Cancellation and automated timely Reminders for patients.

Start your online journey Now. It takes just two minutes to integrate QwikMedic with your existing website.

Patient care solution

QwikMedic Queue Management

Handle new patients, existing patients, prepaid and postpaid appointments, walk-ins and emergency patients with a simple, single interface.

QwikMedic offers an extensive coverage of patient scenarios to handle both the present and future requirements such as digital wallets and smart apps.

QwikMedic can help you streamline queues, improve transparency for patients, reduce waiting times, identify and remove bottlenecks, proactively ensure patient satisfaction, reduce no-shows, assist you for capacity planning and achieve greater ROI by helping you serve more patients.

Self-Service kiosks are provided to assist patients fill out their registration forms prior to arriving at the front desk thereby saving a lot of time.

Point of care feedback

QwikMedic Feedback

The simplest possible feedback mechanism custom-made for hospitals aimed at ensuring that the maximum number of patients provide feedback.

Point-of-Care feedback can help you improve services on a continuous basis and help your hospital evolve constantly. It can be used for both OPD and IPD areas.

The real-time, proactive feedback response mechanism for floor managers is one of it's kind assisting them to resolve issues quickly. Build a great brand image.

Capture, organize and learn about what is working at your hospital and what is not by analyzing feedback collected from patients and visitors.

You're committed to improving patient experiences and we’re dedicated to helping you. QwikMedic Feedback is an unlimited license just for this purpose.

Powerful Business Intelligence

QwikMedic Intelligence

QwikMedic has a powerful business intelligence engine inbuilt to extract and present insights derived from data streaming in every day.

These insights are focused on reducing waiting time, identifying and removing bottlenecks, streamlining internal processes and are very valuable for capacity planning.

The insights provided can be used to allocate right number of resources whether they are equipment or stations or personnel to run your hospital at peak efficiency.

Ensuring peak efficiency means the biggest bang for the buck in terms of ROI.

Never let infrastructure or personnel be underutilized or unutilized again.

Some of Our Partners and Customers

  • Fortis Healthcare
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Sankara Eye Hospital
  • Cytecare
  • Global Hospitals
  • Venkateshwar Hospital
  • Sundaram Medical Foundation
  • Sri Ramakrishna Hospital


Achieve higher revenue

Reduced waiting times and full capacity utilization can enable you to achieve higher revenue by serving more patients and by increasing brand loyalty.

Adheres to NABH & JCI

QwikMedic adheres to guidelines for NABH, JCI and ISO standards. As the standards evolve, so will QwikMedic, helping you stay up to date with the relevant standards.

Plug and Play installation

QwikMedic integrates with your existing HIS or Appointment solutions with ease. Super easy 10-minute installation followed by a simple 10-minute training.

Streamline patient flow

Patient queues can be streamlined to the best possible using the existing infrastructure. View the impact of any infrastructure change on the queue times instantaneously.

Real-time solution

Why wait until a problem goes out of hand? QwikMedic is a real-time solution that provides you instantaneous patient flow monitoring and feedback.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Not sure what to do next to improve service or generate revenue ? QwikMedic can help you with a data-driven approach to enable you take faster and effective decisions.

Bird's eye view

Imagine the luxury of looking at your entire hospital's operations from the comfort of your desk. Identify bottlenecks at real-time and become a super floor manager.

Continuous improvement

Our Enterprise License with unlimited free upgrades will ensure that you maintain a modern brand image keeping up with modern trends. Move ahead of competition.

Some of our Premium Installations

FMRI, Gurgaon
Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi
Apollo Hospital, Dhaka
Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore
Fortis, Mumbai
Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai
Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore
Fortis, Ludhiana - Punjab
Fortis, Faridabad
Fortis Malar, Chennai
Fortis Noida
Fortis Vashi, Maharashtra
Global Hospital, Chennai
Fortis Escorts hospital, Okhla
Fortis Bannerghatta, Karnataka
SMF, Chennai
Fortis Jaipur, Rajasthan
Sankara Eye, Tamilnadu
Fortis, Vadapalani, Tamilnadu

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